Shenzhen Teejoin Technology Co.,Ltd


Teejoin Sci-tech Company Profile


Shenzhen Teejoin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beauty salon products, and since 2018, we have been developing 

BLDC high-speed brushless motors, which are specialized in the production of advanced high-speed hair dryers, high-speed curling irons, 

                                                                                    and other technologies; aiming to dry hair quickly and efficiently. Our factory utilizes state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing 

                                                                                    processes to produce high quality hair dryers that meet the needs of professionals and consumers.


Factories typically consist of several departments, including research and development, production, quality control and packaging. 

The R&D team focuses on designing and improving Hair Beauty Products& hair dryer models, incorporating innovative features such 

                                                                                        as high-speed BLDC motors, advanced heating elements and enhanced airflow systems.Once the product design is finalized, the 

production department takes over. The production department is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and assembly lines to 

manufacture Hair Beauty products & hair dryers. The production process includes the careful assembly of various components such 

as motors, heating elements, fans, controllers and housings. Skilled technicians and automated systems work in tandem to ensure 

                                                                                            precision and efficiency in the production process.

S5S5 high speed hair dryer

Quality control is an important aspect of factory operations, and Hair Beauty Porducts& Hair Dryers undergo rigorous testing and

 inspection at all stages of production to ensure compliance with strict quality standards. These tests include factors such as 

performance, durability, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. Any defective or substandard equipment is identified

 and corrected to maintain the factory's reputation for producing reliable, high-performance hair dryers.


Once the hair Beauty products hair dryers pass the quality control tests, they move to the packaging department. Here, the products 

are carefully packaged, often including user manuals, warranty information, and other accessories. The packaging is designed

 to protect the hair dryers during transportation and storage, as well as to provide an appealing presentation for consumers.


Overall, Hair Beauty Products &high-speed hair dryer factory combines advanced technology, skilled labor, and stringent quality 

control processes to produce efficient and durable Hair Beauty Products &hair dryers. The aim is to meet the needs of

 professional hairstylists and individuals seeking quick and effective hair drying solutions, while also ensuring the highest standards

                                                                                        of quality and safety.

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